A Scenic Drunk Walk through Paris

Yes we’ve all most likely been there – high, tipsy, drunk – one or the other. I admit I’m not a heavy drinker. But I can hold my wine. Ok 97% of the time according to experience.

We all go overboard sometimes when on holiday tasting local alcohol but when you have the opportunity to make the most of it and take in the sites along the way, it has to be a win-win situation right? It’s all about perspective sometimes, as in this case. You have no choice when you are forced to walk home by your friends. That has to be the best part of having friends who are just a tad bit less drunk than you, they act more “responsible.”

So here’s the story – it was only meant to be a couple drinks at famous Harry’s Bar on rue Danou in Paris then a carb loaded dinner at PastaPapa across the street. But two double Jameson whiskeys in, I’m still convinced to this day the toilet seat spun when I flushed it in Harry’s Bar. No one else has ever seen it apparently!

A Scenic Drunk Walk in Paris

Popular Harry’s Bar in Paris.

Needless to say, we never finished a proper meal at PastaPapa. We got as far as ordering before I felt the world spinning around in my head. Pizza was not going to happen for me, I just laid my head on the table while the others swallowed their food. The night was still young but I just wanted the spinning to stop. They got my pizza to go – takeaway in Paris still isn’t as popular but there was Julia holding a pizza box, Megan giving instructions and me just thankful to sit outside PastaPapa breathing in the cool November air with a signature PastaPapa cloth napkin in my hand ready for any vomiting. Well there was, but you don’t want to hear about that right?

Megan made a unanimous decision we will walk home. Walk? Yes no moving vehicles for me…again I have experience there we will not talk about! Ahh Paris, thank you for having monstrous monuments and landmarks that can guide us home…this Trini, American and Brit were ever so grateful this one night!

The route was simple. Our goal in our drunken state was to head directly towards the Eiffel Tower. There is no way we could miss the lit up Eiffel Tower!

From rue Danou we turned left onto rue de la Paix with Place Vendome being our marker at that point. Drunk or sober, it still looks phallic to me, but Place Vendome in late November with Christmas decorations all around…oh what a pretty sight.

A Scenic Drunk Walk in Paris

Place Vendome in the still of night, what a beauty!

Bumping into two backpackers randomly sitting there drinking beer, we greeted them and carefree Julia, feeling generous, gave them MY pizza on a whim. Shocked were their expressions that people were so nice in Paris, but thankful at the same time…who would not want a free piping hot pizza? Except me off course in the state I was in.

Continuing on down to rue de Rivoli, we made our way to Place de la Concorde. Oh what beauty! We could see the Eiffel clearly now in all it’s glory of psychedelic colours. But to stand there being surrounded by the many lights of Place de la Concorde around you…I swear I sobered up for a minute to take it all in. This view, the landmarks that make up This very spot, I never tire of it. Especially with the Christmas Wheel back in town for the Winter season. The modernity of the wheel adds to the charm of being at this very locale. Standing in the middle, facing right was the Arc de Triomphe in the far distance at the end of the Champs Élysées and then to the left peeking through the Wheel, past the Jardin de Tuileries was the stunning golden lights lighting up the Louvre. One of my favourite spots to stand and take it all in.

A Scenic Drunk Walk in Paris

Place de la Concorde with the Eiffel Tower in the distance.

Strolling along the famous river Seine towards Pont Alexandre III the Eiffel Tower did its hourly sparkle. On any given day we would be wowed but we were focused, determined to get home sans incidents.


Crossing over Pont Alexandre III, my favourite bridge in Paris, with a clear view of Esplanade des Invalides in front of us, we were getting closer to home. So much history here at Les Invalides, yet another monument lit up at night in all it’s glory.

Photo courtesy Flickr.

Photo courtesy Flickr.

With the Eiffel still in sight, I welcomed the crisp breeze. Paris at night deserves the title of City of Lights, it really can sober you up!

Lucky for me, we were actually staying in the 7th arrondissement, close to the Eiffel Tower. But depending on where you choose to stay, I am sure there would be an equally amazing walk home because the moral of my story is that it helps to get drunk…with friends who you know have for your back…in a city full of beautiful landmarks to make it more memorable. And as souvenirs I still have my peach PastaPapa napkin and the bill from Harry’s Bar.

This is Paris afterall…c’est la vie!

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