Ask a Local: Feature – Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

Ask a Local Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

This week’s Ask a Local takes us to Florida, USA, more specifically Fort Lauderdale where KP Schwan tells us about her hometown.

KP Schwan talks about her beloved Fort Lauderdale, Florida

KP Schwan talks about her beloved Fort Lauderdale, Florida


KP is a full time wanderluster and part time travel blogger but she was born and raised on the sunny beaches of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She’s a big fan of practicing yoga, writing, running on the beach and travelling. Although she is curently enjoying the even sunnier beaches of Sydney, Australia she is proud to call Fort Lauderdale her home and on Ask a Local she is sharing tips on what to do when you visit Fort Lauderdale.


Describe your city in your own words.

In my little neck of it, Fort Lauderdale is a big city with a small city feel. Majority of all the activity is within 3 miles of the coast. With canals and the intercoastal zig-zagging through the neighborhoods, it’s like the Venice of Florida. Everyone is out on the boat, waving to the neighbors.

What’s the best thing about living there?

Although Fort Lauderdale is quite a large city, it feels like a close-knit family. Many of the elderly and adults have grown up there their whole lives, and then subsequently had kids of their own who now live there as well. Everyone knows everyone – but in a big city kind of way. It’s an amazing, unique, definitely strange city and I love it.

What your favourite time of year in your hometown for you? Why?

I would definitely have to say winter because it’s not really winter as the northern states encounter. Sure, it’s a little crisper than usually, but it’s by no means cold and snowy. It’s December and everyone is out tanning or on their boat. It is a strange sight to see if you’re not from the area. I personally love to go paddle boarding near Christmas time wearing a Santa hat. It also usually means majority of my lifelong friends are actually home for a little bit. It’s a familiar feeling.

Is there one place visitors shouldn’t miss seeing?

Since Fort Lauderdale is on the East Coast of Florida, the sunrises are out of this world over the ocean. If you’re up for it and feeling active, I recommend taking a run or walk down A1A for sunrise. Or you can just sit down on the sand and enjoy the beautiful view.

Ask a Local Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

What’s your favourite local dish?

LaSpada’s Subs! It’s hands-down the best damn sub you’ll ever have in your life. For starters, the “small” will be bigger than your own leg. It’s a local Fort Lauderdale tradition that you just can’t miss out on.

Do you have a favourite local place to eat/drink you would share with visitors?

There are too many great spots to choose form, but Southport is a local favourite close to the downtown area. I’m a huge fan of Two Georges Restaurant at the Cove. While it’s a 20 minute drive north of Fort Lauderdale, it’s right on the water, can dock your boat right at the restaurant and enjoy a cocktail and incredible seafood.

How about a favourite local coffee/tea shop?

Since I started drinking coffee long after I moved out of my hometown, I decided to ask my local friends. They all agreed that The Alchemist in a suburb called Wilton Manors is the best!

What three local words every visitor should know?

Cerveza, Por Favor and Gracias. Yeah, you heard that right. You might find more Spanish speakers in South Florida than you will English. And who doesn’t like ordering a beer in a foreign language?

Ask a Local Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

Why should someone visit your city?

It’s a beautiful city with something for everyone. There are beaches, fishing, biking, partying, shopping and lots of space for rest and relaxation. It’s a huge mix of cultures, which means there are lots of different foods to try. It’s laidback and a perfect place to relax with a good book too.

What advice would you give someone visiting your city?

Enjoy the beaches, but please don’t litter. Our beaches can only stay beautiful if we all do our part to protect it.

Hmmm those subs and artisan coffee sound like good reasons to get to Fort Lauderdale!

KP has definitely shared some good tips that make Fort Lauderdale an enticing destination. Check out her blog Where In the World Is KP, there are more tips on Fort Lauderdale and her travels.

Until my next Ask a Local…Happy Travels!