Why climb the Eiffel Tower with your BFF!

Before moving to Paris officially, I went for a quick visit with one of my closest friends. It was the first time there for both of us.

Off course we explored all of the typical tourist sites. In fact she had so many museums on her list, by the time I moved a few months later I felt “museumed” out! We also ate and drank our way through Paris but what would be my top recommendation to anyone for a first trip to this famous city?

Climb up the Eiffel Tower!

Everyone should do this at least once! And if you’re lucky to be doing it with a best friend, boyfriend, partner, kids etc, this can definitely make or break a relationship – well not so much with partner and kids – but it is a true test to your bond after walking up 704 steps to the 2nd level (115m) and then back down again; especially in the height of Summer heat!

Yes it is whooping 4 euros cheaper per ticket (note sarcasm) than taking the elevator direct to the top BUT:

You avoid all the long lines of people and hot stuffy waiting around for the elevator; even for pre-booked tickets in the Summertime.

Eiffel Tower Walk Up
You get a fantastic workout, those calf muscles will be quivering by the time you get down! Because it looks way more than 704 stairs from the ground level, you can count to make sure it really is that number. Ok you can certainly try it to pass time until you lose count!

Eiffel Tower Walk Up
You get to explore the tower from every angle, ogling at the architecture of the tower’s metallic structure thinking what a genius Gustav Eiffel was – if that is your thing like the geek in me!

Eiffel Tower Walk Up
It eventually becomes a team building exercise; you support and encourage each other to keep going. There is no room for giving up and turning back (note to self next time wear comfy shoes)

Eiffel Tower Walk Up
Unlike riding the crowded elevators, you can stop at your leisure to admire the views as you go up or down. It’s ok to think you’re on your own private tour of this massive structure taking in the little titbits of information along the way. Ok it’s also an excuse to catch your breath!

Eiffel Tower Walk Up
The feeling of accomplishment having climbed one of the most visited tourist attractions in the world will definitely be a rewarding one. You will be on such a high when you touch the ground again (thankful and trying to balance walking given your quivering calves), you will not even notice being bombarded by those persistent immigrant souvenir sellers.

Eiffel Tower Walk Up

More importantly to note is that the FOUR Euros you each saved will not contribute to your shopping spree on the Champs Élysées…

Eiffel Tower Walk Up

Nor your champagne break from shopping…

Eiffel Tower Walk Up

But it will get you a couple of awesome late night crepes you will think about for years to come and the many laughs remembering your crazy decision to walk up the Eiffel Tower on one hot Summer’s day!

Eiffel Tower Walk Up


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