Travel Talk Tuesdays

I’ll be participating in our online chat Travel Talk Tuesday(TTT). This week’s topic is ”Your World View And Traveling”

Here are my responses…a good way to get to know me!

1) How has travel changed the way you look at things?

Travel has been my therapy over the years. I wish more people could see it as a real life education too. It has helped me discover my true self and taught me to be comfortable with spending time by myself. I am now more open minded; I think, analyse and them make a judgement. Being light brown skinned I have been considered a local in many countries. I found that funny at times but not in cases when I was looked down on; I have learnt to not take offense as it is all some people are exposed too. All my travels have helped me form my own belief and values from all the situations I have faced, good and bad; I love learning each day as I get the opportunity to travel and experience more of the world.

2) What type of new experiences do you look forward to when you travel?

Oh the food without a doubt! My Mom taught me years ago to always visit the local markets, that’s where you see how the locals really live. It’s such a treat to explore and see the local life through food. We learn how people survive or even ration based on the types of food available to them in sometimes remote areas or how much is imported and heavily taxed to those who have it in abundance. Food is important to our survival therefore I look forward to trying new foods (within limits off course) and experiencing how other cultures live.

3) Do you usually go out of your comfort zone when traveling or stick to what’s comfortable and familiar?

I do a bit of both. I am not a fan of organised tours but love free and easy. I enjoy planning my own trips. I sometimes don’t like to admit I enjoy testing myself to see how far I would go but after work trips that had me in Yemen with bodyguards and constantly on the go, I have become so independent through my travels I am ok being outside of my comfort zone once I am willing to try something/somewhere new. I go with my gut feeling.

4) What part of the world intrigues you the most and why?

That’s a tough one but I do have a special love for Asia. I do plan to visit Mongolia and North Korea one day, no special reason, I just want too. I guess it goes back to me willing to go out of my comfort zone.

5) Is there a stereotype or common belief about your own culture/country others have that you don’t agree with?

Hardly anyone’s ever heard of my country!! And when they have heard of Trinidad & Tobago I get a “so can you speak Jamaican?” We do NOT speak Jamaican here, all the islands in the Caribbean are NOT the same. Another is that T&T is close to Africa since many famous sports stars from T&T are of African decent; it’s quite shocking to some to learn T&T is nowhere close to Africa but in the Caribbean.

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  1. i actually worked with a woman at Walt Disney World, who was from Trinidad!!! I didn’t realize T&T was not that widely known! On another note, plz write about ur trip to Yemen later down the road. Why did u need bodyguards?!

    • In the US, UK, some Commonwealth countries yes, the rest of the world not so much! Byt slowly it’s getting known!
      I’ve written about Yemen already, have a peek, about three posts on it. It was a work trip and the political situation called for bodyguards.

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