Discovering Yemen’s Coastline by Helicopter

My first helicopter ride made me nervous as I can suffer motion sickness, but when my first was going to be over the Gulf of Aden and southern coast of Yemen, the thought of maybe seeing pirates suddenly added feelings of excitement. I have clearly watched one too many documentaries on pirates in this part of the world! I admit though being the lone female, youngest and only one who seemed worried about this helicopter ride, I did have second thoughts but I ‘m not one to give up easily, I was going to do this!

And boy was I happy I did (even though felt a bit woozy towards the end!). The topography along the Yemen coast were simply amazing; some I have never seen before and may never see again. Beautiful coral reefs and crystal clear green waters made me wish I had time to go lie on a beach and be in the middle of nowhere (well maybe with my bodyguards only!). Yemen does have some fantastic beaches undiscovered by mass tourists for obvious reasons so maybe one day.

The topography inland varies drastically; in the north it is more tropical however here in the south only 2% of the land is arable. It was so beautiful to look at; from sandy desert stretching across the Arabian Peninsula to marble plateau mountain regions interspersed with river valleys (off course dry in the summer months).

Yemen 016 Yemen 018 Yemen 021

With the coast finally in sight, I really did look for pirate ships!

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Flying over some absolutely stunning and untouched coral reefs was an absolute treat!

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Finally some form of life! An isolated town spotted on the coast.


Alluvial deposits along the hot coastal strip running from north to south may make farming impossible but in my opinion it makes absolutely stunning scenery!

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And my favourite from the flight:


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  1. Wow the photos look amazing!! Can’t believe how green the water is!!!! Great capture!!!

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