An Original Mud Bath Experience in Napa!

A spa date at Dr Wilkinson’s Hot Springs and Mud Bath, in the cute little town of Calistoga, north of Napa, was the perfect way to end our girl trip.

IMG-20140113-WA0010 20131110_120642

Yes Calistoga is mud bath capital and so many of all different budgets have popped up over the years but we chose Dr Wilkinson’s as it was the original in town and still maintained it’s 1940s ambience.

The excitement was all about our spa date getting “The Works” – mud bath, mineral water whirlpool tub, mineral steam room, blanket wrap and completed with a massage.

The model that greeted us at Reception had us wondering! what we signed up for!

The model that greeted us at Reception had us wondering! what we signed up for!

With only two mud baths, we had to be staggered 20 minutes apart. We were warned upfront to be prepared to see each other naked! Well it was all in the fun right? Good thing cameras were not allowed…well if Kara had listened I would not have this photo to share!


We were not sure what to expect but the mud bath was supposed to be a “soothing float” in volcanic ash and peat moss, which was medicinal and curing for the body, in particular flushing out the body and helping aches and pains. Sounded good to me!

Getting into the tub of ash was a task in itself, trying to get a little deeper without floating up too much. It was the texture and look  that made me think of cow dung! But at least it wasn’t as pungent as the sulphur springs in Rotorua, New Zealand. This was much milder obviously.

The mineral water whirlpool tub, the sauna, the massage at the end…heaven! The personnel at Dr Wilkinson’s were some of the most attentive I have come across, afterall they had to help you out of the ash/moss and into the shower without slipping and falling butt naked.

Overall I loved it and would go back, I would highly recommend to others. Wish I had one close to me to go at least once a month.

I wished we had more time to explore Calistoga, it is such a quaint little town with boutique shops and some fantastic wineries we did not have the chance of trying unfortunately.

IMG-20131110-WA0007 IMG-20140113-WA0020 20131110_122157 20131110_115158 IMG-20140113-WA0015

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  1. Oh my!!! Wasn’t expecting the mud bath to look like that!! Thought they just put mud on body and not be soaked in it. But man it look so relaxing! Hope no one fell asleep in there! Great fun!

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