Brunching at the Seattle Space Needle

It may sound cliché to do something so touristy but weekend brunch at the Skycity Restaurant at the top of the Space Needle deserves a highlight, for tourists and locals alike.

It’s even more of an exciting experience when trying to do this in one hour before jetting off to the airport to catch a flight to the East Coast. But never mind, the determined gets anything done right? Bad weather the previous two days had us squeezing it in one Saturday morning in November.

What do you do with a time constraint? Plan strategically! Book first reservation at 10am (well in our case 10.15 but we got there at 10 with high hopes of the first seating), arrive with luggage in tow (because they would be so kind to store it at reception downstairs so time to make a quick exit for the cab, it’s right there!),arrive at 9.30 when the Observation Deck opens to have a good half hour for taking lots of photos to prove you were there and most important tell your waitress you have one hour to do this else you will miss your flight! Yes this was us and they were all on-board to not let us miss our flight. Phew, we are not the first to ever do this, who would of thought?

With brunch reservations you get free entry to the observation deck. Well at $45 a head it definitely should be free! Count yourself blessed if you get a clear sunny day (even if freaking cold) in this city known for its bleak weather. We lucked out with amazing views of Olympic Mountains and split second peekaboo from Mount Rainier behind the Seattle Skyline.

Back in the comforts of a window seat we ordered a round of Mimosas to calm the nerves and not think of us possibly missing a flight. Kudos to this bartender at 10.15am for making some fabulous mimosas. They hit the spot, especially after just coming in from the cold observation deck….time to sit and take in the panoramic rotating views.

Perusing the menu this was clearly going to be difficult. I admit I am one to look at a menu before going to a restaurant (not that I’m ADD but I was vegetarian for a few years, I blame this habit on that!). I’m a huge New England clam chowder fan so decided to give the razor clam and corn chowder a go. So far food in Seattle was not disappointing. And yes that red Manhattan one does not count in my books (says I because I lived in Boston for a few years and snob anything but a New England clam chowder). Boy let me tell you I was pleased with every spoonful. I was impressed how many clams were in this little bowl of soup! Not typical in most restaurants.

Two entrees worth highlighting are the Grilled jidori chicken with wild mushrooms and faro risotto and the Hazelnut crusted French toast with peppered bacon, uli’s sausage, Nutella cream and herbed potatoes. WOW, just an explosion of clearly some of the freshest and finest foods from the area on the tongue. This is one chef not disappointing the taste buds. The portion sizes were bigger than expected too for fine dining.

Saying that Chef Jeff Maxfield knows his food is an understatement.  His menu incorporates regional flavours from in and around Seattle and boy can you taste it with every bite.

Dessert we took to go, after all we had to factor in cab time to the airport! White chocolate macadamia nut bread pudding was not being left behind! White chocolate, my weakness! Oh I couldn’t wait to sink my teeth into this white chocolate deliciousness on the plane…well so I thought in my head.  Just our luck, it would never make it to the plane. Why? Seattle airport security decided to confiscate it as “gel”. Really TSA? Really? Somebody just wanted my yum looking dessert admit it! But with a flight to catch and pressed for time, who had time to argue?

This story does not end with a satisfied sweet tooth but definitely a sweet memory. The rotating panoramic views, the scrumptious foods…it’s savouring Seattle at 500 feet above and  I can’t wait to visit again, next time with dessert time to spare!

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3 Replies

  1. You know when I first read this I thought $45 was sure expensive for brunch. But after looking at the photos of the view and food you guys ate, I gotta say it is worth it! I want some brunch too!!!!

  2. wow! awesome pics.view was gorgeous,The food,omg i got hungry hope you gave the deserts to someone,will not think of dumping it, looked so yum,,,,hey you need to recomend some dining places in paris,

  3. Glad you finally started this chic

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